You Will Never Guess How Much It Cost To Fly the Obamas To Hawaii for Christmas

The Obama's at Christmas
The Obama's at Christmas

Living large in the White House is nothing new to the Obama’s.

Expensive vacations and parties at the White House will be part of President Obama’s legacy.

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act, last year’s Christmas air travel to Hawaii cost taxpayers $3,672,798.60.

For the past three years the Obama’s Hawaii Christmas vacations totaled $15,540,515.10 in travel costs.

According to other figures obtained by Judicial Watch over the past three years, Obama Hawaii Christmas vacations have cost taxpayers $15,540,515.10 in transportation expenses alone. This includes outbound and return flight expenses in 2012 totaling $4,086,355.20. (The Secret Service provided documents for Obama’s Christmas 2012 trip to Honolulu. The grand total is $654,599.40 including $409,225.78 in hotels.) Flight expenses for the Obamas’ Christmas vacations to Hawaii cost taxpayers $7,781,361.30.

Being part of the political class most certainly has its benefits – just look at the Obama’s.


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