Lunch Break Read: White Privilege and Race Hustlers

During your lunch break today, be sure to check out Dan Bongino’s latest commentary in the Conservative Review, titled: White Privilege and Race Hustlers.” It’s an essay that goes beyond outlining the problem of race baiting in America, and answers the question: So what do we do about it?

Here is a quick preview:

MTV is prepping to launch a new documentary about “white privilege.” The liberal obsession with dividing and conquering us is now firmly entrenched in our culture. It is tragic that the legacies of the generations of Americans who boldly stood up to de jure and de facto segregation – sacrificing everything for the cause of equality and fairness – are being disgraced by the hustlers among us peddling eternal-division politics.

Let’s make it simple for the hustlers among us. We can either focus on all of the wonderful things that unite us as a country, and we can grow and prosper together, or, we can continue to focus on the individual categories you have forced us all into and the differences between us. And, in the process of laser-focusing on all of the things that make us different, you will guarantee a future where everyone is judged by the melanin content of their skin, the god they worship, their place of birth, or the language they speak, rather than the character they have worked hard to construct.

As an activist for the Conservative cause, I prefer to use this piece as a call to action rather than a regurgitation of the problem. Anyone can complain, but it’s action, not simply words, that will bring about a better tomorrow.

Read the rest at Conservative Review here.