Obama’s policies an obstacle for startups

The following is an excerpt of an article by Chris Woodward, originally posted at OneNewsNow.com:

Speaking August 4 at a White House showcase of more than 30 startup teams of women, minorities and young people, the president said there is an underrepresentation of women and minorities among the nation’s startup businesses. For example, the White House says around three percent of U.S. startups backed by venture capital are led by women. Only one percent are headed by African-Americans.

Deneen Borelli, chief political correspondent at Conservative Review, finds the president’s plan hypocritical. She says it’s possible that not every individual in the demographics described by the president is interested in entrepreneurship. Even if they are, Borelli says it all starts with a quality education for children.

“And people need to be reminded that years ago President Obama did not want to fund the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships for poor, disadvantaged children,” she notes.

“So I find President Obama being hypocritical when it comes to – and I’m using his words – ‘giving people a fair shot and unleashing Americans’ potential.'”

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