Did the DNC Knowingly Hire an Illegal Immigrant?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Did the DNC knowingly hire an illegal immigrant? The watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has filed a complaint with the FEC to investigate exactly that. In a press release distributed yesterday, the group explained:

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting that it investigate the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for having “knowingly hired” an illegal alien, Cindy Nava, to help craft the committee’s 2016 political message and communications. Judicial Watch filed its complaint on August 25, 2015.

A June 8, 2015, story in The Washington Post reported that the DNC hired Nava with full knowledge of what DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) termed Nava’s “undocumented status.” The news report details that “Despite not yet attaining legal status, Nava is working for the Democratic National Committee as one of a crop of fellows from around the country helping the party organize ahead of a presidential election that President Obama predicted would feature immigration as a major issue.” The Spanish language newspaper El Nuevo Herald reports that Nava would help coordinate DNC outreach to “women, youth, and Hispanics.”

Federal law prohibits foreign nationals from participating “directly or indirectly in the decision-making process” of federal, state, or local election-related activities.

This would not be surprising. For all the laws that Democrats love to write, they don’t seem to follow too many of them. Democrats believe the ends always justify their means, and that the progressive agenda is larger than the law.

If the FEC is able to prove that members of the DNC knowingly hired an undocumented immigrant, they would be in violation of election law and federal immigration law, and should be prosecuted.