New Report: The IRS May Be in Cahoots with the Clintons

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Whistleblower (and former financial industry executive) Charles Ortel has released a troubling 26-page report titled “False Philanthropy” that implies the Hillary email scandal goes much deeper than we thought. The report provides 10 years worth of evidence that the IRS may have been colluding with the Clinton Foundation and granting them a free pass to operate above the law.

As reported by Myra Adams at Red State:

Throughout 2015, [Charles] Ortel has carefully studied and documented a decade’s worth of domestic and global fraud, theft, corruption and violations of strict IRS rules being perpetrated by a prestigious multi-billion dollar charitable organization known as the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation….Ortel believes that the IRS is actively in collusion with the Clinton Foundation.

Collusion with the high-profile charity explains why the IRS is not thoroughly investigating Ortel’s carefully documented allegations of illegal activity on a scale so grand that a major audit would certainly be triggered if the name of the foundation was not “Clinton.” Only collusion explains why, for over a decade, the IRS has allowed the Clinton Foundation, and all its umbrella organizations with different names to operate outside the strict rules and regulations under which all tax-exempt charities must operate or risk losing their tax-exempt status. Ortel calculates that 2004 was the year when the foundation began engaging in massive fraud.

Now guess who was director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Rulings & Agreements Division at that time? And guess who in December of 2005 was promoted to director of the entire IRS Exempt Organizations Division? Does the name Lois Lerner ring a bell?

Given Lerner’s documented inability to separate her own progressive bias from her work, it would not be surprising if she turned a blind eye to the Clinton Foundation. Across the board, progressives believe that ethics and the law come second to their political mission. They believe that the ends always justify the means.

What’s really interesting is this: Collusion between liberals and the federal government is not a new phenomenon. But this time, the media’s reaction and coverage are different. They are not giving a free pass to the Clinton’s. The National Journal is calling for Clinton to “Come Clean or Get Out.” MSNBC is continually reporting on the story.

Former Secretary of State during the Bill Clinton administration Madeleine Albright has spoken critically about the private server. The New York Times has written stories featuring over 75 leaders, candidates and governors in the Democratic Party that are frustrated with the way the Clinton campaign has handled the scandal.

It looks like the Teflon shield that’s historically surrounded the Clinton dynasty has finally worn through.