You Have to Read This Editorial Blasting Hillary on the VA Scandal


During your lunch break today, be sure to read this scathing editorial from the Las Vegas Review-Journal which sets the record straight on Hillary Clinton and her comments trying to minimize the extent of the corruption and abuses running rampant in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here is a quick preview:

The widespread incompetence and corruption within the Department of Veterans Affairs is irrefutable, uncovered by 138 separate nonpartisan investigations. This is important to remember during campaign season, when candidates will say anything — regardless of the facts — if they think it will help them raise money and win election.

No 2016 candidate is more dedicated to this approach than Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Not only has the VA has neglected our veterans through routine delays in processing their disability and compensation claims, it has also put them at risk by making them wait months for appointments and then covering up the excessive wait times they’ve had to endure. And the VA’s record when it comes to building hospitals is just as bad, as the average VA construction project typically runs an average of 35 months late and $360 million over budget.

None of these facts, however, stopped Mrs. Clinton from putting her political ambitions ahead of the plight of our veterans.

Read the rest at the Las Vegas Review-Journal here.