Do Fans of Planned Parenthood Want to Indict Carly Fiorina Next?

carly fiorina

Rather than indicting the masterminds of an operation to sell fetal body parts for profit, the Harris County grand jury decided to indict David Daleiden (founder of the Center for Medical Progress) and Sandra Merritt for exposing the operation instead. Now, fans of Planned Parenthood are saying the grand jury should take their pro-life witch hunt even farther and indict Carly Fiorina for simply talking about the undercover videos.

The Daily Caller reports:

Apparently unsatisfied with the indictments of Center for Medical Progress investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, some Planned Parenthood supporters are now calling for authorities to indict Carly Fiorina for her steadfast criticisms of the abortion giant. Marcy Stech, the communications director for Emily’s List — a political action committee devoted entirely to getting female pro-choice Democrats elected — tweeted out: “Punishment for manipulating info about Planned Parenthood is indictment. What about for the GOP candidates continuing this false narrative?”

… Bob Krause, the Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa, tweeted: “Wonder if it’s possible to indict #CarlyFiorina for fraudulating a fraudulated video that used fraudulent govt documents?”

… Huffington Post writer Warren Holstein took things one step further and suggested Fiorina should be killed, writing on Twitter: “Activists who shot Planned Parenthood videos indicted for tampering with records and buying organs. Can we burn Carly Fiorina at the stake?”

Holstein, who routinely tweets inflammatory statements, has also said that he would “vote for Hillary if she uses a jagged piece of the glass ceiling she breaks to stab Donald Trump in the throat till he pure bleeds out.” He has written for HuffPost since 2011.

A classy bunch, wouldn’t you say?

Progressives will prosecute anyone for the simple act of telling the truth, if the truth conflicts with their ideological agenda.