The District of Columbia Wants to Become a State

muriel bowser

Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States with a population of almost 675,000 people, yet its residents are not entirely represented in Congress. That could change if Mayor Muriel Bowser continues pressing the issue.

According to The Hill: 

During a breakfast speech, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told lawmakers and city residents that the District deserves representation in Congress, and she called for a city-wide vote on the issue.

“I propose we take another bold step toward democracy in the District of Columbia,” Bowser said at the breakfast, according to The Washington Post. “It’s going to require that we send a bold message to the Congress and the rest of the country, that we demand not only a vote in the House of Representatives. We demand two senators — the full rights of citizenship in this great nation,” she added.

… Currently, D.C. is represented by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) in Congress, but she does not get a vote on the House floor.

The Founders intentionally created the capital to exist independently of the states. They did not anticipate so many citizens living in the nation’s capital, mostly because they never really envisioned serving in Congress to be a full-time job.

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