After Backlash, Sally Kohn Still Thinks Sharia Law is Progressive

sally kohn

Liberal CNN commentator Sally Kohn almost exploded the internet when she called Sharia Law progressive.

Here was my response, after reading the tweet:

Of course, under Sharia law, criticizing Sharia or Muhammad is punishable by death. Thieves get their hands cut off. Adulterers are stoned to death. Child marriage is legal. Female genital mutilation is permitted. A man can beat his wife. Rape convictions require a ridiculous amount of male witnesses. A woman’s testimony in court carries half the weight of a man’s. Women can’t drive cars. Members of the LBGT community are subject to harassment and death.

Remind me… what part of Sharia Law is progressive, Sally?

I wasn’t alone in my outrage. Kohn received tons of backlash on social media following her ignorant comments, but does she regret calling Sharia law progressive? Actually the opposite- she is doubling down on her comments.

According to TheBlaze:

Roughly one week after being heavily criticized for the controversial tweet, Kohn published an editorial on CNN asserting “Trump doesn’t understand what Sharia is.” In the op-ed, the progressive pundit argues “understanding the truth about Islam is the best way to fight extremism within it.”

… Kohn argues: “In short, there is a difference between personal, spiritual Sharia and the political incorporation of Sharia into law. And within both, there are progressive interpretations as well as more fundamentalist conservative interpretations. So the word Sharia doesn’t mean one thing.”

The moral relativism of progressive politics strikes again.

Words have no meaning to liberals. When those pesky facts get in the way, people like Sally Kohn simply bend and twist them to fit the progressive narrative. This is the quality that fills the Democratic Party with professional hypocrites.