Terror Attack Thwarted Outside Notre Dame Cathedral

notre dame cathedral

Another close call in France, this time outside the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

Fox News reports:

An abandoned car filled with gas cylinders that was found parked near Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral on Saturday may have been left at the landmark as part of a terror attack “test run,” officials said Wednesday.

The car’s owner, who is on a French intelligence service watch list of people suspected of religious radicalization, was in custody, Sky News reported. At least one other person had also been detained in the investigation.

… One of the car’s hazard lights was flashing when it was found Saturday night, Reuters reported. There were seven gas cylinders inside the car, with one empty cylinder in the front passenger seat and six others in the car’s trunk, authorities said. No detonating device was present. Documents with Arabic writing were found inside the car, the BBC reported.

Religious institutions are especially on edge following the barbaric attack of a Normandy church, which resulted in the slitting of an elderly priest’s throat.

I am sure this was just another thwarted attempt of “workplace violence”… right Obama?