Huh? Sweden Protects Flying the ISIS Flag

ISIS handbook

According to a Swedish prosecutor, the ISIS flag is protected speech and is not considered to be hate speech.

No word yet on whether or not this prosecutor has checked the news in the past 15 years…..

Fox News reports:

Prosecutor Gisela Sjovall announced last week that a 23-year-old man wouldn’t be charged after posting the flag to his Facebook page in June, according to The Local. Authorities in Laholm had investigated the man, who came to Sweden from Syria, on suspicion of committing “hate speech.”

In comparison to the Nazi symbol which has come to be a symbol for prejudice against Jewish people, the same couldn’t be said for the Islamic State flag, Sjovall added. “Up until now, we haven’t come to that point,” she told the Hallandsposten, a local newspaper. “That could change in ten years.”

The Local noted that under Sweden’s hate speech laws, for an image to be considered “hate speech,” it needs to threaten or disparage a group of people in connections to their race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. “If there had been anything in the text (posted alongside the flag) with more specific formulations about certain groups, for example homosexuals, the ruling could have been different,” Sjovall said. “For me, there are no doubts about the decision not to prosecute.”

Apparently, the ISIS mission of “killing everyone not following the laws of radical Islam” is not specific enough of a threat for Prosecutor Sjovall.

This is the twisted logic of political correctness that is going to hold the rights of radical Islamic terrorists over the rights and safety of Swedish civilians.