Donald Trump Leaves Business to Focus on Presidency

Donald Trump Media

President-elect Donald Trump is officially leaving his private sector business interests to focus on running the country.

TheBlaze reports:

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that he will be leaving his business “in total in order to fully focus on running the country.” Conflict of interest controversy had been brewing in recent weeks over the billionaire real estate icon holding on to his considerable financial interests as president. Trump previously said he’d give business control to his children upon winning the White House, but critics have said that’s not enough.

It’s been argued that, while Trump has no legal obligation to leave behind his business interests, there’s trouble ahead if he doesn’t — given that the Manhattan mogul is tied financially to operations the world over, and those who hold sway on foreign soil could exploit Trump’s financial entanglements.

This is a smart move for multiple reasons. Donald Trump made campaign promises to put his country first, and this is a good faith step towards keeping that promise.