The Buzz: Progressive CEOs Attack Trump Over Extreme Vetting

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The love affair between President Trump and some big businesses is over.

Not long ago, Silicon Valley CEOs met with President Trump signaling a truce following the election.

Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook representatives all met with President Trump despite their previous friendliness towards Hillary Clinton.

However, Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-dominated countries and his ban of Syrian refugees prompted these CEOs to challenge the president’s extreme vetting plan.

Trump’s executive order was blocked by a judge in Washington State and the CEOs filed amicus briefs supporting the temporary restraining order.

Starbucks CEO is also critical of Trump’s executive order. In a letter to his employees, Schultz slammed Trump’s policies including the president’s extreme vetting effort.

By taking public action against Trump, these CEOs are exposing their companies to public backlash.

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