Maxine Waters Becomes Face Of Democrats

Strange but true.

Democrat California Representative Maxine Waters is on a roll. Waters is riding the anti-Trump wave to become a face of Democrat opposition to President Trump.

CNN reports:

Waters, the longest-serving black woman in Congress, has attracted the kind of Internet buzz not seen since Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose rumpled look and talk of revolution endeared him to mostly white millennials, particularly young men. Waters is a favorite of the black twitterati and a fairly broad swath of progressives, who find her blunt talk of resistance and impeachment refreshing.

The story describes the degree to which Waters fires up the left-wing crowd especially in regard to impeaching Trump.

“We have to stop his ass,” she said to the packed house at Busboys and Poets.
“Auntie, Auntie, Auntie, Auntie!” the crowd roared back.

The anti-Trump rage with Democrats is so extreme the party is making Waters a political rock star. Democrats pushing the outer limits of the left is going to backfire.