Trump Delivers on Coal Mining Jobs

President Trump continues to deliver on his campaign promises.

During last year’s presidential contest, Trump said his policies would get coal miners back to work.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton promised more job losses in the coal industry.

A Fox News story reported on renewed life in the coal industry.

Wise County, Virginia – A long-awaited revival is under way in this beleaguered Central Appalachia community where residents see coal as the once and future king.

Trucks are running again. Miners working seven days a week cannot keep up with current demand. Coal mines, long dormant after the industry’s collapse, are now buzzing again with antlike activity.

“We load coal every day for the power plant in Virginia City,” explained Rick, a long-time supervisor for a major local operation who did not want to give his last name. “There’s one shipment a week for Georgia Power, and one for Tennessee Eastman.”

The past month has seen a resurgence of the coal industry that once formed the backbone of the region’s economy, and locals credit President Trump’s aggressive, pro-energy agenda.

Coal companies are responding to Trump’s efforts that are unwinding the regulatory attack against the industry engineered by President Obama.

Trump delivering on his promise to coal miners will further erode union worker support for Democrats.