Guess What the Feds Might Do to the Lights On Broadway…

New York Times Square
New York Times Square

According to CBS New York, the federal government ordered the city to take down the iconic neon signs that light up Times Square, which apparently stand in violation of a transportation law dating back to the 1960’s. If the city refuses to comply, it could cost The Big Apple about $90 million in federal funding.

The feds later realized that threatening Times Square is inviting a public relations disaster of epic proportions, and issued a statement to Business Insider denying the whole thing.

BI’s Ryan Gorman reports:

In a statement issued Thursday morning to Business Insider, the Federal Highway Administration denied it has ever asked the city to remove the signs or threatened to withhold funds.

The agency also said it is ready to consider removing NHS designation from specific roadways if asked, a request it says the state has yet to make.

If I were the feds, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that request. Here in New York, we’re more of a “do first, apologize later” kind of town…