Podcast Russia Collusion Story Backfires on Hillary and Obama Administration

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The Obama administration’s decision allowing a Russian company to take ownership of Uranium One that controls 20 percent of U.S. uranium is being called into question.

Prior to the U.S. approval, the FBI found evidence the American subsidiary of the Russian company was engaged in crimes including kickbacks and bribery but that information was either ignored or not made available to the government committee that approved the deal.

In addition, the fact that huge sums of money linked to Uranium One were given to the Clinton Foundation and former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speakers fee from a Russian bank for a twenty minute speech raises concerns the funds were intended to influence Hillary Clinton, one of the government officials that approved the Uranium One deal.

Congress was not informed of the FBI investigation into the illegal activities of the Russian company before the Obama administration allowed the deal to go through.

A Congressional investigation is being launched to determine why the FBI investigation was tightly held. It’s possible the Obama administration’s “reset” policy with Russia was responsible for keeping the FBI investigation from Congress and Americans.

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