My Last Here’s the Deal video: ‘A High-Tech Lynching’

After two years and nearly 200 episodes of busting up leftist lies, this is my last episode of Here’s the Deal for BlazeTV.

My videos once drew millions of views, but thanks to Big Tech’s suppression of conservative voices, my videos are hardly seen at all.

My show was fact-based: No conspiracy theories, no calls to action, and frankly nothing to be afraid of other than the truth.

I have lost this battle to Mark Zuckerberg, but let me be clear: I am down but not out. You cannot silence me.

Media Research Center’s NewsBusters wrote a story about me, “Black Conservative Deneen Borelli: Facebook Gave Me a ‘High-Tech Lynching.'”

An excerpt of the story is below:

BlazeTV pundit Deneen Borelli called out Facebook’s CEO for destroying her video career via censorship.

Internet personalities depend upon viewers and clicks so that their videos generate ad revenue, just like how TV shows depend viewers seeing advertisements. In her July 9 video she announced that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is “responsible for the high-tech lynching of my job.” She later explained “my employment at Blaze TV depended on generating advertising revenue from my ‘Here’s the Deal’ videos distributed on Facebook.”

She described how previously her videos pulled in millions of views, showing one which had around 12 million, comparing her viewer numbers to the size of cities. “All I had to do was deliver the truth to the forgotten men and women of America,” she explained.

Now in a matter of days she alleged she only pulls around 30,000 views per video, nowhere near enough to be economically profitable.

Read the full story here.