Tom Borelli Slams Beto O’Rourke for Exploiting Shootings to Boost his Campaign on America’s Voice News

America’s Voice News Contributor Tom Borelli, Ph.D., discussed Democrat reaction to the tragic shootings in Texas and Ohio on America’s Daily Report with host Christina Aguayo.

Borelli slammed 2020 presidential candidate Robert Beto O’Rourke for blaming President Trump for the mass shootings over the weekend.

O’Rourke was making outrageous comments shortly after the shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Borelli said “Beto O’Rourke is trying to exploit human misery to boost his failing presidental campaign.”

The presidential candidate said President Trump is a white nationalist.

O’Rourke also said the president is a racist and his views are responsible for the violence.