Bloomberg Gearing Up to Attack Sanders in South Carolina Debate

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is gearing up to attack Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) in tonight’s debate in South Carolina.

Bloomberg is trying to recover from his first debate in Nevada which was a disaster.

Even before tonight’s debate, Bloomberg is attacking Sanders on gun control.

In addition to gun control, Bloomberg is also blasting Sanders regarding the Senator’s comments on “60 Minutes.”

During the interview, Sanders complimented the late Fidel Casto’s literacy effort.

In a Politico story, “Bloomberg’s debate strategy: Nuke Bernie,” Bloomberg’s campaign strategist said, “The debate tomorrow night and the campaign in general … needs to be about one candidate and that’s Bernie Sanders.”

Sanders is also expected to get heat from former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg criticized Sanders for viewing capitalism as the “root of all evil” and warned that attitude goes “… beyond reform and reorder the economy in ways most Democrats — not to mention most Americans — don’t support.”

He also attacked Sanders over his health care plan.

There is no doubt Sanders is going to be the focus of his competitors for the Democrat nomination.

Attacking Sanders now is the last best chance for Democrats to blunt his momentum before the South Carolina primary and the rapidly approaching Super Tuesday on March 3rd.