Black Lives Matter Chicago Sues Trump Administration Over Federal Agents

Black Lives Matter Chicago is suing the Trump Administration in an effort to block federal agents from assisting local police.

Social justice organizations including Black Lives Matter Chicago filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. District Court over concerns the federal agents will interfere with protests and as a consequence, violate the First and Fourth Amendments.

Aislinn Pulley, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Chicago, said, “They are trying to suppress our righteous anger, and we will not be suppressed, we will continue fighting back.”

Pulley also commented that crime is being used as an excuse to bring in federal agents and will, “stifle righteous rage and anger at the continued killing of Black people by police.”

Other social justice groups filed suit Thursday against several federal law enforcement agencies seeking to prevent agents deployed in Chicago by President Donald Trump from harassing and detaining protesters.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter Chicago continued to protest against the police.

Chicago is currently experiencing a significant surge in violent crimes.

Pulley discussed her concerns on MSNBC.

Black Lives Matter is ignoring the horrible black on black crime rate that is occurring in cities across the country and trying to stop federal agents in Chicago will only lead to more human tragedy.

Above all, this proves the Black Lives Matter organization is not really concerned with black lives but with advancing its Marxist agenda.