Social Media Critics Slam Reports of Kerry Private Jet Flight to Obama Birthday Bash

Social media critics are slamming climate change envoy John Kerry over reports he arrived by private jet to attend former President Obama’s 60th birthday bash in Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite conflicting reports regarding how Kerry got there, President Biden’s climate czar was sharply criticized.

The State Department denies Kerry attended the party or traveled to Martha’s Vineyard via private jet.

Yahoo News reports:

“Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, he did not travel there for a party. He took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, he did not fly commercial or private,” a state department spokesperson said.

Originally, Obama’s birthday party was going to be a huge affair with over 500 guests but because of concerns about the Delta variant, the party size was supposed to be reduced but that’s not the case.

Photos of the event were posted on social media.

Critics slammed Kerry on social media.

Earlier this year, Kerry traveled to Iceland via private jet to receive an environmental climate leadership award.

In addition, so far this year Kerry’s family has flown by private jet 16 times.

While the debate over whether or not Kerry traveled by private jet to Martha’s Vineyard continues, the hypocrisy of his and his family member’s private jet travel cannot be denied.