Lincoln Project Uses Democrat Race Card Politics Tactic Against Youngkin

The Lincoln Project orchestrated a stunt by using tiki torch-holding individuals to damage Virginia Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

The effort was apparently designed to associate white nationalists to Youngkin over the deadly incident that occurred in Charlottesville in 2017.

As captured in this Tweet, the individuals stood in front of a Youngkin campaign bus.

After initially linking the activists to Youngkin in a Tweet with a damaging picture by Terry McAuliff’s spokesperson Christina Freundlich, the McAuliff campaign backed away from the stunt.

The Lincoln Project took credit for the stunt.

Not backing away, Stuart Stevens from The Lincoln Project defended its activism as well as James Carville on CNN.

The Lincoln Project was slammed on Twitter.

The Lincoln Project was also criticized for using a black activist in a white supremacist stunt.

Deneen Borelli slammed The Lincoln Project activism.

Democrats and their fake Republican allies will do anything to win.

For them, it’s about power and not the people.