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  • American Jobs Not One Of Obama's Priorities

    American Jobs Not One Of Obama's Priorities

    The unemployment results are out and the numbers don’t look good.  As our nation’s economy remains sluggish, unemployment has risen to 9.2 percent. According to the Associated Press: The Labor Department said Friday that the […]

  • EPA Running Amok

    EPA Running Amok

    We all know that President Obama’s stimulus plan is failing and here’s another reason why. John Rossomando of The Daily Caller reports: China and other foreign interests have been significant beneficiaries of stimulus money through […]

  • America Live

    America Live

    On the 6/23/11 edition of “America Live” on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli calls President Obama’s decision to siphon 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve a “bad […]

  • Union lords and their vassals

    Union lords and their vassals

    The purpose of unions used to be the protection of workers. But nowadays many employees working in forced unionism states look for ways to escape the iron grip of their alleged protectors. In Non-Right-To-Work or […]

  • Lou Dobbs The A-Team 6/13/2011

    Lou Dobbs The A-Team 6/13/2011

    Deneen Borelli – Fox News Contributor/Daily caller columnist; Rabbi Brad Hirschfield — Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership ; Robert Zimmerman Democratic Strategist ; Offer their spirited opinions on top news stories of the day: […]

  • Deneen on Fox and Friends 6/12/2011

    Deneen on Fox and Friends 6/12/2011

    Deneen Borelli – Fox News Contributor/ Fellow member of Project 21 offers her perspective on the Mainstream Media feeding frenzy over Sarah Palin’s Emails, and Congressman Weiner going to rehab, but still refusing to step […]



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