White House Climate Study is About Changing the Debate Not the Environment

Desperation reigns at the White House.

Facing dropping poll numbers and the increasing possibility of losing Democrat control of the Senate, the White House issued a National Climate Assessment that details the administration’s estimate of the effects of climate change on the U.S.

The White House fact sheet on the report’s findings includes a list of the expected climate change impacts across geographic regions in the U.S.

The report reads like a science fiction disaster novel with claims of extreme weather and events.

It’s clear the goal of the report is to frighten the public in a desperate attempt to change the debate from Obama’s horrible record.

The report will be successful in generating a news cycle on climate change but it will have no impact on the voting public. Americans are primarily concerned with the economy as they struggle to deal with rising energy and food prices and the consequences of slow economic growth.

If President Obama was really worried about climate change he would have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) introduce legislation to deal with the “environmental emergency” but that of course would require Senators to vote on an economy killing bill in an election year.

The U.S. National Climate Assessment issued today is sheer political propaganda that’s really about changing the debate and not the climate.