Good news: Baltimore Communities Unite for Clean-Up Efforts

There is a silver lining surrounding the cloud of violence and looting that occurred in Baltimore last week: hundreds of Baltimore residents have volunteered to help clean up the city and get local businesses back on their feet, following the destruction caused by rioters and looters.

In one touching account, as told to the Baltimore Sun, a mother used the event as a teachable moment for her son on how NOT to behave:

Imani Rose brought her 9-year-old son to see the damage.

“I just came to show my son what happens when you’re mad and you go about it the wrong way,” she said.

“Why did they?” her son, Kalif Rose-Holman, asked. He stared at the charred store, where the shelves had been cleared, the floors were covered in debris and overheard lights had melted.

“They got mad,” Rose said. “When we get mad, are we supposed to break other people’s stuff? No. You can be angry and upset but you don’t tear up people’s things.”

“God gave us this,” he said.

“You’re right, baby. God gave us this. We shouldn’t destroy it.”