The Conservative Review Asks Ben Carson 10 Questions

Ben Carson- Photo Credit- Carolyn Kaster Associated Press
Ben Carson- Photo Credit- Carolyn Kaster Associated Press

Shortly after Dr. Ben Carson announced his candidacy for President of the United States, Conservative Review’s Steve Deace sat down for an exclusive interview with the conservative favorite.

Here’s a preview:

Let’s cut right to the chase and get this out of the way. As you know, I wrote a column recently criticizing your claim you and Al Sharpton have “the same goals.” However, I’ve also spoken of how much I admire the life you’ve led. You might be the most decorated living private citizen in America today. Given all that, and given Sharpton’s record of documented lies, it’s a fact he’s a tax cheat, and pretty much every GOP primary voter believes him to be a race-baiter and riot instigator, do you really believe you and he share the same goals?

I was giving Sharpton the benefit of the doubt since the stated goals of his organization are the ones that were mentioned. If in fact those are the goals, then we definitely have such goals in common. Admittedly it is being generous to assume that Sharpton’s goals and the goals of his organization are as stated, but I was advised to be nice.

Where do you believe we are as a country?

As a country I believe we are in dire trouble. The three things that threaten to destroy us quickly are growing debt and fiscal irresponsibility, external threats from radical Islamic extremists and internal strife fueled by growing political division and hatred.  “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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