Are Sanctuary Cities Safe? What the Crime Numbers Tell Us…

prison bars
prison bars

Are sanctuary cities safe? It turns out, there are thousands of instances where sanctuary cities failed to detain lawbreaking illegal immigrants, as well as repeat offenders.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reacting to congressional fears of a new crime wave from illegal immigrants, has revealed that some 1,800 released by “sanctuary cities” last year were charged with 7,500 new crimes, including rape and child sex abuse. What’s more, most, or over 1,000 of the illegals facing criminal charges, are still free, according to an ICE report to Congress.

The October 2014 report detailed the release by 276 sanctuary cities of 8,145 illegals held on criminal charges from January to August despite requests to “detain” them for ICE which would consider deporting them. Deep in the report, provided under the Freedom of Information Act to the Center for Immigration Studies’ Policy Director Jessica M. Vaughan, ICE revealed that:

“1,867 individuals were later arrested 4,298 times … these subsequent arrests constitute 7,491 charges, as most individuals have multiple charges per arrest,” said the ICE report.

And what happened to those rearrested illegal immigrants? Most were let go again. The report said that 751 were either given to ICE or removed. But 1,116 were not given to ICE and the agency said that they are “considered at-large.”

This is an unbelievable hazard to the citizens legally living in this country. Law enforcement and government have a basic moral duty to protect the rights of its citizens, and they have let that responsibility take a back seat to the politically correct outrage machine.

While we are making it a top priority to create “safe spaces” for certain interest groups over others, where are the sanctuary cities for Americans who want to live in a place where criminals are actually taken off the streets?