Turns Out, ObamaCare Doesn’t Verify Social Security Numbers or Citizenship

health.gov website
health.gov website

I know this will come as a shock for those skeptical of government effectiveness, BUT- it turns out the internal controls over at the Department of Health and Human Services are almost as bad as the internal controls over at the California DMV. A new audit reveals that a laundry list of personal information entered by people applying for coverage were never verified, yet the individuals received their coverage and tax credits anyway.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Healthcare.gov’s internal controls did not effectively determine eligibility for coverage because Social Security numbers and citizenship status were not always verified properly, according to a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) audit.

The Inspector General (IG) investigated HHS to determine whether the Federal marketplace’s internal controls determined correctly whether individuals were eligible for qualified health plans. The IG found that the internal controls did not always correctly verify Social Security numbers, citizenship status, annual household income, and family size information to determine eligibility.

One applicant understated her income by $7,000. According to the IG, the marketplace should have compared this income data to available electronic data sources and realized that the applicant’s income was more than 10 percent below the income listed on these data sources. Then, the marketplace should have asked the applicant for additional evidence of income. Instead, this applicant was not only verified, but was approved to receive the advance premium tax credit.

But wait….. there’s more.

This report comes on the heels of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report that found Healthcare.gov approved coverage for fake accounts. GAO performed undercover tests and fabricated personal data of fake applicants for coverage under Obamacare. In 11 of 12 of these fake applications, the online marketplace approved coverage and granted each account $30,000 in premium tax credits.

HealthCare.gov has been a disaster since day one, but there has been no accountability for the mistakes, waste, fraud, and abuse occurring in the system. ObamaCare is not a safety net program for citizens, it’s an unconstitutional multi billion dollar giveaway for anyone with access to the internet.