A Saudi King Gave Hillary $500k of Jewelry


There are a lot of upsides to working in the White House- one of which is using the platform to rail against members of “the 1%” while simultaneously living like one.

According to The Daily News:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was given a half-million bucks worth of diamond and ruby jewelry by Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and received $58,000 worth of bling from Brunei. The lavish gifts were among a treasure trove of keepsakes bestowed upon U.S. leaders in 2012, the State Department disclosed Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Clinton a $560 bottle of cognac, while President Obama received an autographed basketball from Chinese President Xi Jiping and a 41-inch saber from Mongolia.

A lot of the presents were donated or sold to comply with cost restrictions on gifts to public officials.

Of course, the Clinton’s were never one to turn down the perks of being in the White House. Remember when they had White House furniture shipped to their New York home along with $190,000 in gifts received after Bill Clinton finished his presidency?



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