Who Won the First Democratic Debate?

Hillary debate

Last night marked the first Democratic presidential primary debate with five candidates taking the stage. Vice President Joe Biden did not take the stage after all, and his absence opened up a welcome opportunity for Hillary Clinton to redeem herself in the eyes of the Democratic base.

Erick Erickson recapped the debate highlights and major takeaways on his RedState blog, declaring Hillary Clinton (and Anderson Cooper) the winner of the debate:

Hillary Clinton was the winner of the debate. Her stage presence was pleasant compared to a yelling Bernie Sanders and an angry Jim Webb. She looked at the other candidates who were speaking, making eye contact and nodding. She had a humorous moment with Anderson Cooper over the bathroom break. And she cleaned Bernie Sanders’ clock.

In fact, it was Hillary Clinton who gave a ringing defense of capitalism against Bernie Sanders. It was Hillary Clinton who gave a forceful defense of American national security against Sanders and others on stage. She stood strong against Edward Snowden. She even showed some maturity and caution on recreational marijuana.

…But what really stands out about the Democratic debate is how there was no diversity of idea or diversity of ethnicity. It was a bunch of old white people on stage who all largely agreed on government policies, government spending, taking people’s guns away, and killing children.

Contrast these Democrats with the Republicans running. The Republicans disagree on immigration, they disagree on taxes, they disagree on college funding, they are white, Hispanic, Indian, male, and female. Where there is diversity of skin and thought on the right, there is none on the left.

Erickson is absolutely right. The Democratic Party has a diversity problem, but it has nothing to do with skin color. They preach to the progressive choir, and use ridicule and intimidation to silence anyone in disagreement.

They may squabble over the specifics, but one thing is for certain: the goal of each candidate on that Democratic stage is to grow the power and scope of government and take away individual rights.