Democrat Women Are Abandoning Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton has been doubling down on political pandering and identity politics in an effort to inject some enthusiasm behind her boring and scandal-ridden candidacy. But is it working?

New numbers released from the Clinton and Sanders camps conclude that women are abandoning the Clinton bandwagon.

According to The Washington Post:

As of the last reporting period at the end of September, some 301,154 women gave money to Sanders in his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to his campaign. That would top the approximately 240,000 women who have given money to Clinton since she launched her campaign.

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All the analysis relies on numbers released by the campaigns, since they include small-dollar donors that the candidates are not required to itemize on federal filings.

It’s possible that female donors for Sanders outnumbered those of Clinton because he has more individual donors in general. However, it could also be due to the fact that women are sick of Hillary Clinton constantly playing the “woman card” and running a PR campaign to be the First Woman President, rather than the Most Qualified Candidate.

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders, but he doesn’t try to court anybody’s vote- he’s just his crazy, socialist self all the time. Hillary Clinton might want to try running as herself… although she would have to try and remember what that actually is.