WATCH: Marco Rubio Educates Reporter on Abortion

Marco Rubio Abortion

Regardless of your opinion of him as a candidate, Senator Marco Rubio is really good at dealing with ridiculous questions from the press. He – along with Ted Cruz and Chris Christie – demonstrated that prowess during the last debate. But Rubio isn’t finished educating the press. He’s returned, this time to school a leftist, student reporter.

Check out this exchange:

Rubio makes clear in this exchange that he believes all life is worthy of protection, but unlike many other candidates, he didn’t stop there. He used the opportunity of a stupid, “got ya” question to pivot the conversation to Hillary Clinton… and paint her as a radical in the process.

I believe that it’s outrageous that Hillary Clinton supports partial-birth abortion, which is a gruesome process that’s been outlawed in the United States but she supports it as a process that should be legal. I believe that a child, an unborn child at 24, 25 weeks who is viable outside the womb, it should not be legal to abort. Hillary Clinton believes it should be.



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