Did Hillary Clinton Accuse Donald Trump of Helping ISIS?

donald trump

Did Hillary Clinton just accuse Donald Trump of helping ISIS?

Actually, yeah. That just happened.

ABC News reports:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a hard stance against rhetoric from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, painting him as a potent and powerful tool for ISIS.

“He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” Clinton said during Saturday’s Democratic debate, hosted by ABC News.

Clinton offered no specific evidence of the claim. ABC News has reached out to the Clinton and Trump campaigns for comment.

… “I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to Muslims here in the United States and literally around the world that there is a clash of civilizations,” said Clinton, “that there is some kind of western plot or even war against Islam, which then I believe fans the flames of radicalization.”

The level of cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy in the Democratic Party is unbelievable. One minute they accuse the Republican Party of divisive and incendiary rhetoric, and in their next breath, they accuse the frontrunner GOP candidate of being a top recruiter for ISIS.

Guess what Hillary? There is a war happening. Radical Islam has made no secrets about declaring jihad against the United States, and everything it stands for.

Until Hillary admits this reality, she will never be a credible candidate to become a commander-in-chief who will defend the United States against radical Islamic terror and ultimately destroy ISIS.