Rather than Apologies, Kean University Fake Tweets Lead to More Complaints

kean university

You would think the discovery of fake Twitter death threats on the Kean University campus would lead to a discussion about liberal propaganda and depths to which race baiters will sink to manipulate public opinion and advance the progressive agenda on campus.

….you would think.

But according to the New York Post editorial board: 

Anonymous online threats against Kean University’s black students led to calls for the school’s president to quit. And when it turned out a black student was behind the threats, the demands . . . continued. The coalition of black ministers behind calls for Dawood Farahi’s ouster says the threats still “arose from a climate of racial intolerance” — no matter they were bogus.

…Apologies? Of course not. Just other complaints. For example, outrage that Kean is hiring adjuncts in place of tenured professors and cutting support services.

Such cost-savers are increasingly common on US campuses — but to the protesters, they’re evidence of “structural racism.” (The gripe wins them the support of the faculty union, to boot.) As for the criminal charges against McKelvey, that just “puts us one or two steps back looking for genuine justice.”

“Genuine justice?” This is a classic example of the hypocritical mentality of the progressive left. Progressives truly believe they are entitled to use any tactic necessary to advance their agenda, because in their minds, the ends justify the means.

They used propaganda and lies to create a false narrative, literally manufacturing hate so they could turn around and condemn it.

The New York Post editorial board is absolutely right:

But “genuine justice” is the last thing on these activists’ minds. They’re all about seizing control of a campus and imposing their own extremist agenda.