This Man Could Ruin Hillary’s Chance at the White House, but Nobody is Talking About Him

fbi james comey

While media covering the 2016 presidential race continue to focus on key endorsements from newspapers and labor unions, they are ignoring a major player in the outcome of the Democratic primary: the FBI.

Particularly, FBI Director James Comey.

The Hill reports:

Comey, a Republican appointed by President Obama who enjoys a stellar reputation on both sides of the aisle, is investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of State.

Clinton is the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination next year and is expected to be a tough candidate for any Republican to face in 2016.
Yet the controversy surrounding her private email account remains an Achilles’ heel.

The GOP-created House Benghazi Committee flopped in October when Clinton testified for 11 hours. That hearing failed to produce anything newsworthy about her use of a private server and attracted criticism from liberals and conservatives alike. Its failure makes it clear that the FBI will have the final say on whether Clinton did anything wrong or illegal. And whatever the verdict is, both parties will have to accept it because Comey is, in many ways, untouchable.

We don’t yet know when the FBI will release its findings. The timing of its announcement could mean everything when it comes to Hillary’s nomination.

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