Just Hours After Another Attack, Obama Downplays ISIS in his ‘SOTU’ Speech

obama sotu

A few short hours after ISIS launched another terror attack in Istanbul, President Obama downplayed any threat of ISIS in the United States.

Apparently, Obama still thinks ISIS is “contained.”

Fox News reports: 

“Over-the-top claims that this is World War III just play into their hands,” the president said, arguing that ISIS fighters “do not threaten our national existence.”

The remarks on ISIS are sure to rile Republican critics who say the president’s strategy for confronting the group is inadequate – particularly just hours after ISIS was blamed for another deadly attack, this time in Istanbul. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, one of the leading candidates for the GOP presidential nomination, tweeted afterward that the address was “less a State of the Union and more a state of denial.”

The backdrop of the address undeniably was election-year politics, though Obama is not on the ballot. Throughout the speech, the president took several implicit jabs at the GOP candidates competing for his job, and in doing so sought to shore up his own legacy…. Hanging over Tuesday’s address, aside from the terror attack in Istanbul, was yet another diplomatic dispute involving Iran — as it emerged Iran was holding 10 U.S. Navy sailors after they apparently drifted into Iranian waters.

President Obama is more concerned with setting the tone for the 2016 presidential election than he is with telling the American people the truth.

Senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions have identified at least 113 people caught supporting radical Islamic terror plots in the United States alone. ISIS is not contained. The United States needs a president who will take national security seriously and put the safety of our citizens above the safety of Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.