Poll Says: Race Relations Continue to Sour in Obama’s America

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Barack Obama made a promise to the American people that if he got elected president, there would be no “black America” or “white America,” there would just be the United States of America.

Eight years later, Americans are more racially divided and pessimistic than ever before.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll: 

Confidence in race relations in America continues to fall, with hopes for the future at their lowest level yet. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 50% of American Adults now think race relations in this country are getting worse, up from 44% a year ago and 30% as recently as January 2014. Only 20% believe race relations are getting better, a new low that compares to 38% five years ago. Twenty-six percent (26%) say race relations are staying about the same.

Only 18% rate race relations in America today as good or excellent, unchanged from last year at this time but down from 34% two years ago. Thirty-three percent (33%) now consider race relations poor, up from 15% in 2011 and 29% last January. Interestingly, unlike most questions related to race, there isn’t a wide difference of opinion on these questions between blacks and whites. Other minority Americans are the least pessimistic.

This tense racial climate didn’t happen overnight. This is the result of decades of race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson stirring up anger and feelings of victimization in low income and minority communities.

It’s the result of damaging progressive policies that leave black Americans stuck in cycles of government dependency. And it’s the result of our candidate-in-chief Barack Obama who constantly plays identity politics to rally support around his agenda, while attacking the character of anyone who disagrees with him.