Watch: Millennial Tells Hillary That She’s Dishonest on Live Television

hillary cnn townhall

Did you miss the Iowa Democratic town hall on CNN? Below is a clip that will tell you everything you need to know about the last-minute effort to revive the Clinton campaign.

Katie Pavlich writes on Townhall

During Clinton’s question and answer session, a millennial told Clinton that not only is he voting for Sanders, but his friends don’t think she’s very honest. As a warning, Clinton laughs loudly at the beginning of this clip.

“It feels like there are a lot of young people, like myself, who are very passionate supporters of Bernie Sanders and I just don’t see the same enthusiasm from younger people for you. In fact, I’ve heard from quite a few people my age that they think you’re dishonest but I’d like to hear from you on why you think the enthusiasm isn’t there,” Iowa native Taylor Gipple asked.

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Watch Hillary’s response here:

Clinton looked completely caught off-guard. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!