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You Won’t Believe What ISIS is Doing Now

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… it does.

In a new 58-page publication titled “Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen and Small Cells,” ISIS terrorists are being trained to blend in. And not by looking like “peaceful” Muslims.

Instead, they’re being told to appear to the public as non-Muslims by shaving their beards, abandoning Islamic dress and prayer mats, not frequenting local mosques, and wearing a Christian cross necklace. The guide also suggests frequenting nightclubs to plan attacks, due to the “loud music” masking conversations.

As The Telegraph reported,

Islamic State has issued an advice booklet for followers who want to carry out “lone wolf” attacks of the sort that are plaguing European countries.

The booklet, “Safety and security guidelines for lone wolf mujahideen and small cells”, tells readers how to “surprise the enemy” by evading security agencies.

“Any operation that doesn’t have a strong security and precaution base is deemed to fail, just like a big building needs strong foundations,” it says. “Security precautions are the foundations of any operation.”

It gives lists of encryption software that can be used to disguise the contents of emails and mobile phone calls, and outlines the basic operation of a terrorist cell structure, that limits the number of supporters any other supporter knows.

It says that lone wolves in particular should try and meld in with the local population, including by “not looking like a Muslim”. That means shaving your beard, wearing western clothes and not attending mosque too frequently.

However, it also realises that this advice might itself cause difficulty, so it goes as far as giving fashion advice.

“Always look like any random tourist or normal traveller,” it says. “Make the colours go with each other. Wearing a red or yellow shirt with black pants (trousers) will get you noticed as someone who is not used to this kind of clothing.

“Also, no need to put on new clothes, as that can be suspicious. Some brothers like to buy entirely new cloths, from top to bottom including shoes, but that will get too much attention.”

It even gives instruction for what kind of “perfume” a man should wear. “If you want to use perfume during your travel, don’t use the oily, non-alcoholic perfume that Muslims use.

“Use generic alcoholic perfume as everyone does, and if you are a man, use perfume for men.”

If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

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