Guess Why Some Black Lawmakers Oppose Merrick Garland’s Nomination?

merrick garland

A small group of black lawmakers are openly expressing their disappointment that Obama’s Supreme Court nomination isn’t politically motivated enough, and apparently not black enough either.

Nevermind the fact that the Supreme Court is not supposed to be a political branch of government. Or the American value that individuals should be judged by character over race.

Politico reports: 

Some African-American lawmakers urged their Congressional Black Caucus colleagues to skip a meeting with Valerie Jarrett because of discontent with President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. The members are irked by Obama’s selection of a moderate judge instead of a progressive who could rally the base, according to three lawmakers and senior aides familiar with the meeting. They also don’t think that their input was adequately sought by the administration before Merrick Garland was nominated.

A source said members are asking themselves, “What is the point” of attending the meeting, now that Garland has been nominated. The meeting took place on Thursday morning. And some of the lawmakers questioned why Garland, who is white, was selected over a minority in an effort to make the court more diverse.

Not only is their reaction to the nomination immature, it’s flat out racist.

There are a lot of reasons to oppose Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The color of his skin is not one of them.