Media Finally Asks: What is Hillary Clinton Hiding From?

Hillary Clinton Aliens

If Hillary Clinton is too scared to hold a press conference during her presidential campaign, just imagine how guarded she would be in the Oval Office.

Reporters are getting increasingly concerned that a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean bad news for freedom of the press.

Fox News reports:

Hillary Clinton is getting called out by her campaign rivals – on both sides of the aisle – for not holding a press conference all year, part of what they maintain is a “scripted” approach by the Democratic presidential front-runner even as she comes close to locking down the nomination.

… The former secretary of state long has faced accusations of being closed off to the press, and maintains she wants to speak with the media. So far this year, aside from doing interviews, she has engaged reporters from time to time on the trail – the candidate answered some questions from reporters during a stop in Minneapolis in early March and another in Lexington, Ky., last month.

If Hillary is struggling so badly without the press, imagine the damage to her campaign if she actually had to answer tough questions!

Hillary’s lack of transparency shouldn’t be surprising. After all, she learned from the best. President Obama promised to be the “most transparent administration in history,” yet Obama’s White House is notorious for undermining Freedom of Information Act requests.

The #1 threat to the First Amendment is a progressive Democrat.