Here’s Why Bernie Sanders Won’t Endorse Hillary Clinton

hillary and bernie clash

Bernie Sanders is dragging his feet when it comes to endorsing Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party elites are sick of it.

In a meeting with House Democrats, the socialist’s comments were met with audible boos.

Politico reports:

With the Democratic convention just weeks away, Sanders still hasn’t endorsed one-time rival Hillary Clinton and dodged questions about when he would during a tense meeting Wednesday morning with House Democrats. Sanders also stunned some of the Democrats in attendance when he told them that winning elections wasn’t the only thing they should focus on. While they wanted to hear about how to beat Donald Trump — and how Sanders might help them win the House back — he was talking about remaking the country.

“The goal isn’t to win elections, the goal is to transform America,” Sanders said at one point, according to multiple lawmakers and aides in the room. Some Democrats booed Sanders for that line, which plays better on the campaign trail than in front of a roomful of elected officials.

… For his part, Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “we look at the world a little bit differently,” when asked about the booing later on Wednesday. “What I’m trying to do and the reason I ran for president is to help transform this country. To deal with income and wealth, inequality a declining middle class, the fact that so many of the young people leaving school deeply in debt,” Sanders added, though he remained noncommittal about endorsing Clinton. said, before expressing approval of Clinton’s policy announcement Wednesday combining his higher-education proposals with hers.

Democrats like to keep their fights behind closed doors, but this civil war is pretty hard to hide. Bernie Sanders cares more about advancing socialist ideas than he cares about the Democratic Party winning elections, and the political establishment clearly doesn’t know how to handle it.