College Students Refuse to Live With White People, Insist Reverse Racism “Isn’t a Thing”


While the civil rights movement fought and sacrificed to end segregation, progressive minority students at Claremont College are fighting for its return.

If that’s not tragic irony, I don’t know what is.

According to Campus Reform:

Student Karé Ureña (PZ ’18) posted on Facebook that non-white students in need of housing arrangements should reach out to either her or two other students with whom she plans to live in an off-campus house. The post states that “POC [people of color] only” will be considered for this living opportunity. “I don’t want to live with any white folks,” Ureña added.

Dalia Zada (PZ ’18) expressed concerns to the anti-white discrimination. “‘POC only?’ Maybe I’m missing something or misunderstanding your post, but how is that not a racist thing to say?”

“This is directed to protect POC, not white people. Don’t see how this is racist at all…” responded AJ León (PZ ’18), a member of the Pitzer Latino Student Union.

“People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces. It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self preservation [sic],” Sara Roschdi (PZ ’17), another Pitzer Latino Student Union member, stated. “Reverse racism isn’t a thing.”

These students are so lost.

Rather than uniting students around the values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (a color-blind society that holds character over color) these students are deepening the racial divide. They are creating conflict and tension where there was none. In classic liberal fashion, they are throwing a temper tantrum on social media, rather than having an open dialogue and resolving their issues like mature adults.

Now the question becomes, will the administrators at Claremont Colleges denounce this bigoted behavior? Or will they act like weak and enabling babysitters of these brats?

They should consult Dr. Everett Piper for some words of wisdom before they decide….