FBI Tech Arrested for Helping the Chinese

fbi james comey

A longtime FBI tech with top secret clearance faces up to 10 years in prison for “acting as an agent of China.”

Fox News reports:

A veteran FBI electronics technician – who had top secret clearance – pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of acting as an agent of China, and faces up to 10 years in prison. Kun Shan Chun, who also went by the name “Joey Chun,” was born in China and began working for the FBI in 1997. Chun’s duties with the FBI included “accessing sensitive and, in some instance, classified information.” He’s set to be sentenced in December.

Chun, 47, was originally charged with four counts of working to “falsify, conceal, and cover up by trick, scheme, and device a material fact.” He allegedly did not disclose his ties to foreign organizations and individuals in a written questionnaire submitted to the FBI for his security clearance, and did not disclose to the FBI that he made contact with “foreign nationals during a trip to Europe.”

This man is a traitor to the United States and should be held to the highest punishment possible, though he probably won’t. Government cheats like Hillary Clinton have demonstrated that certain people are above the law. Illegal conceptual programs like “sanctuary cities” demonstrate that some laws are more legitimate than others.

We are a nation of laws, but that only means something if the laws are enforced.