Obama Wants to Admit 110,000 More Syrian Refugees Into the U.S.


As Europe continues to struggle with terror attacks and crime perpetrated by radical Islamists who spent time in Syria, President Obama is planning to accept over 110,000 more Syrian refugees into the United States.

CBS News reports:

The United States will strive to take in 110,000 refugees from around the world in the coming year, a senior Obama administration official said Wednesday, in what would be a nearly 30 percent increase from the 85,000 allowed in over the previous year. The increase reflects continuing concern about the refugee crisis stemming from Syria’s civil war and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet it’s still far short of what advocacy groups say is needed to address an unprecedented crisis that saw some 1 million people pour into Europe alone last year.

The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the numbers before an official announcement and spoke on condition of anonymity. Secretary of State John Kerry had previously suggested that the U.S. target would climb to 100,000 in the coming year, but that the figure was a floor, not a ceiling. He briefed lawmakers on the revised figure on Tuesday.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would only continue increasing the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States through this new Obama initiative. There is no clearly articulated plan on how authorities will prevent terrorists from abusing the refugee program to enter the United States.

We need a president who will champion policies that take national security seriously, and put Americans first.