UCal Berkeley Protesters Block White Students From Getting to Class

ucal berkeley


UCal Berkeley students wanted to make a point about the importance of safe spaces on campus…..by turning the campus into a hostile environment for white students.

Does this make sense to anyone else?

The Washington Times reports:

Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a day of protest on Friday to demand the creation of additional “safe spaces” for transgender and nonwhite students, during which a human chain was formed on a main campus artery to prevent white students from getting to class. The demonstrators were caught on video blocking Berkeley’s Sather Gate, holding large banners advocating the creation of physical spaces segregated by race and gender identity, including one that read “Fight 4 Spaces of Color.”

Protesters can be heard shouting “Go around!” to white students who attempt to go through the blockade, while students of color are greeted with calls of “Let him through!”

Students turned away by the mob are later shown filing through trees and ducking under branches in order to cross Strawberry Creek, which runs underneath the bridge. Protesting students went on to march through the Berkeley Student Union, chanting and disrupting students who are studying.

Only Berkeley progressives could find a way to demonstrate in favor of segregation on campus.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has to be rolling in his grave…..