Biden Press Conference Generates Backlash on Russia Invasion Comment

President Biden’s press conference generated backlash over his comments on Russia.

While discussing Russia and the possibility it could invade neighboring Ukraine, Biden predicted Russia will make a move.

Biden said about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, “My guess is he will move in.”

Complicating matters, Biden implied “a minor incursion” into Ukraine would not illicit a full response from NATO.

In total, Biden’s comments were interpreted he was giving the ok for Russia to invade Ukraine.

Biden’s comment is thought to be giving Putin an edge during negotiations with the U.S. according to a discussion on CBS News.

Ukraine was “shocked” by Biden’s comments.

Responding to Biden’s comments and subsequent criticism, the White House issued a correction.

The correction is a recognition that Biden made a mistake and the damage it caused regarding Russia and Ukraine.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) criticized Biden’s comments about Russia.

In total, Biden’s press conference was a disaster.

Biden’s comments about Russia created confusion and will likely give Putin the green light to invade Ukraine.

Overall, while Biden deserves credit for taking a good amount of time to talk with the media, his performance only adds to concerns about his leadership.