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WATCH: Tom Brady’s Perfect Response When Asked About “Locker Room Talk”

Tom Brady was giving a press conference after his return to the NFL following his “deflate-gate” suspension and subsequent victory over the Cleveland Browns last week. You’d think questions asked a future NFL Hall of Famer after one of sports most controversial suspensions came to an end would be solely related to the game, how it felt getting back on the field, deflate-gate itself, and the Patriots outlook for the playoffs.

And it was. Mostly.

Until some reporter decided that wasn’t enough….. and asked Tom Brady his thoughts on Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” remarks.

Watch the exchange:



I’m not here to defend Trump’s remarks. Quite frankly, they’re indefensible. As are the plethora of indiscretions (and treason) in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past. Okay? OK.

That said, it is absolutely ridiculous to ask Tom Brady – who has nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump and has made no endorsement in this election – his opinion on his remarks. It makes just about as much sense as asking Aaron Rogers about Hillary’s email scandal. Zero. Zero sense. You want to ask Brady about the flag? That’s relevant. Kaepernick made it relevant. But Trump’s comments? In a post-game presser? After deflate-gate? That question is unnecessary and irrelevant.

Yes, the candidates pasts are fair game no matter how much we might wish they weren’t. But there is no reason to bring up either candidate’s past or scandals at a post-game conference at a FOOTBALL game. None.

Tom Brady did exactly what he should have done. Grin, and walk away. It would behoove the rest of us to do the same until the election. Don’t engage the ridiculous questions about either candidate. Just walk away. It’s not worth it.

Hat’s off to you, Mr. Brady. Welcome back to the NFL.

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