Sessions Issues Directive To Bolster Enforcement Against Illegals

President Trump is serious about border security and cracking down on illegal aliens.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions toured the border yesterday and made a speech emphasizing the president’s commitment saying, “This is the Trump era.”

Sessions also issued a directive for federal prosecutors that urges them to tackle a range of illegal activities.

Time reports:

Sessions’ tough talk coincided with the release of a memo directing federal prosecutors to prioritize certain immigration-related offenses including the “bringing in and harboring” of undocumented people, identity theft and resisting arrest.

The memo also calls for felony charges to be brought against re-entering undocumented immigrants who already have two or more misdemeanor charges under certain circumstances. Those “aggravating circumstances” include a felony criminal history, gang affiliations, prior removal and deportation.

Sessions told Customs and Border agents in Arizona the changes were a part of the Trump Administration’s commitment to curbing illegal immigration. In his remarks, the Attorney General called the southwestern border “ground zero” in the “fight” to tighten the border.

Strong talk backed with enforcement will reduce illegals crossing our border and increase safety for Americans.